It was the summer of 2008 when, after a pint or two (or five), siblings drummer Michael Sams and violinist Rachel Schott clinked glasses
and vowed to collaborate on an Irish-influenced American rock band. When they took off the beer goggles and realized that drums and
fiddle alone weren't going to cut it, they rolled up their sleeves and started the search for someone who could play guitar. And sing. And

write songs.

It wasn't long before their mutual friend Craig ('slist) introduced them to Ryan Gorsuch, a guitarist and songwriter and his friend and
roommate since high school, multi-instrumentalist Joe Kendall - a package deal! Once the band discovered that the nickname of
Cincinnat's all-irish regiment in the Civil War had been The Bloody Tinth, they knew they had struck gold.

When bassist Nick Lorenz joined the Tinth later that year, the line up was complete. Bookings at pubs and festivals in all the major
cities of Ohio soon followed, and an invitation to perform at the Ancient Order of Hibernians National Conference in 2009 launched the
band into the larger world of vibrantly performed, passionately written Celtic-influenced American music.


Ryan Gorsuch burst bodily from the chest of actor John Hurt in
1979.  He is skilled at evading motion trackers, electric pods, 

flamethrowers, grappling guns and various  models of self-

destructing spacecraft but,because his blood is actually a highly

corrosive acid, has a tendency to break guitar strings.


Rachel Sams Schott was raised in the St. Helen of the Blessed

Shroud Orphanage in Calumet City, Illinois.   She was introduced to

music by a lovable custodian and was the proud owner of Cheryl,

the only minivan on the planet that had a cop motor, cop tires, cop

suspension, and cop shocks.


Joe Kendall is the only son of First Lieutenant John J. Dunbar and
his Sioux wife Stands With a Fist. He enjoyed a happy childhood in

Colorado playing in the shadow of the abandoned Fort Sedgwick

and still remembers the ways of his medicine man grandfather,
Kicking Bird.